Week#2 – Introduction

In Week#1 we discussed about;

  • Professional ethics of project managers
  • Roles and responsibilities of the project manager
  • Basic definitions like Project, Program, Portfolio, PMO
  • We discussed about the three types of PMO;
    • Supportive
    • Controlling
    • Directive
  • We also discussed about requirements collection, scope definition and the decomposition of the scope into a Product Breakdown Structure and then to Work Break Down Structure (WBS).
  • A WBS provides the the break up of work as work packages. WBS does not provide the sequence of work.
  • The lowest level in the WBS is known as the Work Package. Cost estimates are performed at the work package level.
  • 8-80 rule suggests that work packages can be between 8 hours and 80 hours blocks of work.
  • The 100 percent rule suggests that WBS should capture 100% of the scope, else the missed out scope will not be there in the final product.

During Week#2 we build on the knowledge gained in Week#1 further.

Upon completion of Week#2, you will learn to;

  • Develop the Bill Of Quantities (BOQ)
  • Project Cost Estimation
  • Organizational structures (OBS)
  • Defining the project’s OBS
  • Defining Control Accounts
  • Defining project’s budget
  • Develop the project’s schedule

The Sequence

Requirements -> Scope definition -> Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) -> Bill Of Quantities (BOQ) – Project’s Cost Estimation – > Defining Control accounts – > Defining the project organization – > Linking the WBS, OBS, Control Accounts -> Defining the project budget -> Developing the schedule