Agile Charter

Once a man asked a worker at the project site what he is doing?. The reply was ' I am carrying stones'. Another worker said 'I am building a cathedral' The motivation level of the team who believes in 'building cathedrals' will be definitely much higher than the ones who think that they are just bending steel and carrying stones. . A good charter can make the difference between carrying stones Vs Building a cathedral.

The whole purpose of agile chartering is to create a unified shared vision among all stakeholders about the project’s vision and purpose. The agile charter has two components, the project charter and the team charter.

Contents of Agile Charter

  • Purpose
  • High level description of the scope
  • Major milestones and dates
  • Assumptions and constraints
  • High level risks
  • Key stakeholders
  • Roles
  • Responsibilities
  • Project manager’s name
  • Project manager’s roles and responsibilities
  • A well drafted project charter will help the team including the extended team of stakeholders to form, storm, norm and perform as a team quickly.

Contents of the team charter

  • Definition of done (A common description of the processes involved before declaring a task as completed. A good definition of done must ensure that it is of shippable quality and nobody will work on it again.
  • Must highlight the timing and the negotiability of time and the participants required for;
  • Release planning meeting
  • Sprint (Iteration) planning meeting
  • Daily stand up meeting
  • Iteration review meeting
  • Retrospective meeting
  • Cultural aspects
  • Self organization
  • Collective responsibility
  • Work volunteering
  • Cross functional
  • Servant leadership
  • A well drafted project charter, and team charter created with the participation of the team members will help the project start off well, and there will be absolute clarity on the Dos and Donts which will help the team to embrace fearlessly the values of;
    • Openness
    • Trust
    • Transparency
    • Risk taking