Project Scenario Analysis # 17

Facilitating smart and professional project management decision making. Scenario: The mega project is a very ambitious project for the project owner’s organization. Of late this project is in turmoil. The project manager of the project resigned. You are brought in as the new project manager, due to your track record of managing projects well. From the day#1 onwards you are confused because the key stakeholders are throwing mud at each other. Moreover, the key sponsor of the project is no more excited about the project from his body language. How will you approach this scenario?.

How to prepare for the New PMP Exam effectively?

When people take their PMP certification preparation too seriously, actually I am scared because from experience I have seen many people who prepared too seriously have failed in the final exam. At the same time those who followed the right method to prepare have passed without much struggle. What can be the reason?. What should be the right approach to prepare for the new PMP exam which covers both Predictive Project Management and the Agile Project Management?. Watch this video....