PMP Success Stories @pmritraining

Hope you are doing fine..Thanks for your support and contributions…In fact, my “Project Management” of preparation for the PMP exam couldn’t have been worse… immediately after the course in Abu Dhabi i had to move to Bahrain and my visa got expired on 3rd i was stuck up in Bahrain… only few days before my visa got renewed and I planned at the last moment to schedule the exam on 17th, a day before my final interview as Sr.Project manager for a US Management consulting firm (both events in Dubai).

So i just got about 2-3 days to prepare for the test!! I got hold of a PMBOK book from a friend and started reading it… the progress was too slow in the given context. so on the last day i thought of doing the sample test just to get acquainted to the PMBOK environment (the easiest way/short cut)… while waiting for the approval, i started going through the handouts you had provided… There was not even enough time to fully go through them and cross refer the PMBOK on important areas… so i couldn’t even go on to the PMRI training site on the last day…basically i was on a “Fast track- come- Crash mode”. i didn’t even sleep 1 minute on the night before the test!! (not at all advisable). Had 3-4 Red Bulls to keep me awake… directly caught the flight to Dubai at 7 am, reached Dubai at 9:30.. bought a bottle from the Duty free ( to celebrate in the evening for whatever result ) took a taxi straight to the Knowledge village and checked-in for the exam (again with 2 cans of Red Bull to keep me awake during the “4 hours”…). I was very slow to start with… probably due to fatigue… but within the next 15-20 minutes… i was keeping up with the required pace… Finally i completed with almost 20 minutes to spare… i tried my best to review the marked questions… but by that time it was too much for me.. i just unmarked all the marked ones in 2 minutes and pressed for the result …….and it said “Congratulations you have passed”!!!

I got a print out of the result and dashed to the Hotel… had a couple of them twice and went to sleep..My interview started at 8:30 morning next day.While the interviewer took my CV out to start the interview, i requested that there was a small correction in the CV…he thought i had given some wrong information.. I said i just wanted to let him know that i passed my PMP test the day before…it was a pleasant surprise for him.. the interview was good and he said i will be given an offer in writing by 1st week of March… So i have decided that i deserve a vacation and I am scheduled for the vacation to Kerala.

Once again many thanks to you and your team @ PMRI.

kind regards,name suppressed due to confidentiality reasons. This student attended the PMdistilled (PMP preparatory program) offered by The Project Management Research Institute

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